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Dual Mode LED Flashlight Torch

Need a Light? Want an easy to use flashlight app that will work with any Android device? If your device has an LED Camera Flash, then you can use that as your flashlight or torch. If your device does NOT have a camera flash, then you can open a Bright White Screen to use a a light.  

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  • Supports tablets and screens of all sizes and resolutions using Android 2.3 or higher

  • No personal information is collected with this app

  • Screen will not time-out while the app is open

  • Battery charge level status bar displays to warn user about a low battery

  • Lighting options
    1. LED camera flashlight
    2. Variable speed strobe light
    3. S.O.S. signaling
    4. Bright white screen




  • All features available in the Free version, PLUS

  • Home screen widget activates the LED flashlight without opening the app

  • User preferences control default settings when the app is open

  • Ad-free

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